Shower Base & Backwall Kit



    Items included: Single Threshold Shower Base and QWALL-5 Shower Backwall Kit

    Single Threshold Shower Base:
  • Color: White
  • High quality scratch and stain resistant acrylic
  • Slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering
  • Integrated tile flange for easy installation and waterproofing
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for durability
  • cUPC certified
  • Drain not included
  • Center, right, left drain configurations

  • QWALL-5 Shower Backwall Kit:
  • Color: White
  • Assembly required
  • Designed to be installed over existing finished surface (not directly against studs)
  • Includes 2 glass corner shelves
  • Attractive tile pattern
  • Unique water tight connection of panels
  • Durable acrylic/ABS construction
  • Trim-to-Size sidewall design
  • Must be trimmed during installation

  • Product Warranty:
  • Shower Base: Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Shower Backwalls: Limited 1 (one) year manufacturer warranty

DreamLine combines a SlimLine™ shower base with coordinating shower backwall panels to create a convenient kit that can transform a shower space. The SlimLine shower base incorporates a low profile design for a sleek modern look. The wall panels have a tile pattern and are easy to install with a trim-to-size fit. Both the shower panels and shower base are made from durable and attractive Acrylic/ABS advanced materials. DreamLine kits offer an ideal solution for any bathroom renovation project.

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Kit Model
Kit Size, in.
D x W x H*
Items Included
Base Base Configuration Backwalls
DL-6195C-01 32 x 32 x 76-3/4 DLT-1132320 Center Drain SHBW-1434743-01
DL-6194C-01 36 x 36 x 76-3/4 DLT-1136360 Center Drain SHBW-1438743-01
DL-6193C-01 36 x 48 x 76-3/4 DLT-1136480 Center Drain SHBW-1450743-01
DL-6189C-01 30 x 60 x 76-3/4 DLT-1130600 Center Drain SHBW-1462743-01
DL-6189L-01 DLT-1130601 Left Hand drain
DL-6189R-01 DLT-1130602 Right Hand drain
DL-6190C-01 32 x 60 x 76-3/4 DLT-1132600 Center Drain
DL-6190L-01 DLT-1132601 Left Hand drain
DL-6190R-01 DLT-1132602 Right Hand drain
DL-6191C-01 34 x 60 x 76-3/4 DLT-1134600 Center Drain
DL-6191L-01 DLT-1134601 Left Hand drain
DL-6191R-01 DLT-1134602 Right Hand drain
DL-6192C-01 36 x 60 x 76-3/4 DLT-1136600 Center Drain
DL-6192L-01 DLT-1136601 Left Hand drain
DL-6192R-01 DLT-1136602 Right Hand drain