Single Threshold Shower Base in Biscuit Color. Center Drain


Shower Base

Single Threshold Shower Base in Biscuit Color. Center Drain
Single Threshold Shower Base Highlights
SlimLine Shower Base Structural Support
SlimLine Shower Base Structural Support
SlimLine Shower Base Texture
SlimLine Shower Base Drain Configurations
Shower Base Right Drain Configuration
Shower Base Left Drain Configuration
SlimLine Square Shower Base
SlimLine Shower Base Measurement
SlimLine Shower Base In Interior
Shower Base with Flex Shower Door
Shower Tray with Infinity-Z Door and Backwalls
SlimLine Shower Door with Unidoor Shower Door


  • Color: Biscuit
  • High quality scratch and stain resistant acrylic
  • Slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering
  • Integrated tile flange for easy installation and waterproofing
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for durability
  • 3-wall alcove installation
  • cUPC certified
  • Drain not included
  • Center, right, left drain configurations

  • Product Warranty:
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Plumbing codes vary by state; DreamLine is not responsible for code compliance

  • NOTE: DreamLine Slimline Shower Base dimensions are provided for rough opening measurements (against the studs), while DreamLine Shower Enclosure dimensions are for finished opening measurements (finished/tiled walls)

    BE ADVISED: DreamLine Shower Bases will always be larger (approximately 2 in.) than the corresponding DreamLine Shower Enclosures. Please, take this information under advisement when ordering your Shower Base and Shower Enclosure separately

The DreamLine SlimLine single threshold shower base may be used in a custom shower project or combined with DreamLine Shower Doors for a complete shower installation or tub-to-shower replacement project. The modern shower bases (also referred to as shower receptors, shower trays or shower floors) have a low profile design for a clean polished look. DreamLine shower bases deliver a smart alternative to the time and cost involved with custom tile, with a product that is easy-to-install and an excellent value. Made of attractive high gloss Acrylic/ABS materials, the bases are fiberglass reinforced for durability. Each single threshold shower base comes standard with a slip-resistant textured floor pattern, 3-side integrated tile flanges and an opening ready for a standard compression fitting drain. DreamLine offers a collection of cUPC certified low profile shower bases. These shower trays are cUPC certified, which affirms they are in compliance with applicable American and Canadian codes and standards.

D X W x H
Center Drain Left-hand Drain Right-hand Drain
32" x 32" x 2-3/4" DLT-1132320-22 --- ---
32" x 48" x 2-3/4" DLT-1132480-22 --- ---
34" x 42" x 2-3/4" DLT-1134420-22 --- ---
36" x 36" x 2-3/4" DLT-1136360-22 --- ---
34" x 48" x 2-3/4" DLT-1134480-22 --- ---
36" x 48" x 2-3/4" DLT-1136480-22 --- ---
30" x 60" x 2-3/4" DLT-1130600-22 DLT-1130601-22 DLT-1130602-22
32" x 60" x 2-3/4" DLT-1132600-22 DLT-1132601-22 DLT-1132602-22
34" x 60" x 2-3/4" DLT-1134600-22 DLT-1134601-22 DLT-1134602-22
36" x 60" x 2-3/4" DLT-1136600-22 DLT-1136601-22 DLT-1136602-22